Who is One Louder Designs?


Shari Corbett

Creative Director/ Designer/Photographer

One Louder Designs is the brainchild of Shari Corbett and was founded in 2004 inspired by the 1984 movie “This is Spinal Tap” with the classic scene of the guitar amp dial going to eleven. Most of the early imagery was created out of need for friends and musicians that wanted custom designed graphics for their gear that made both a statement and no one else could get. Thus One Louder Designs was born and the demand for other things in the industry became apparent.

Formally educated in graphic design with a degree from Collins College, where she served on the alumni committee, she gets her foundation in photography. She studied under one of Arizona’s greatest known photographers, the late Lance Fairchild, who was known for his breathtaking wedding portraits and is forever indebted to Lance for his kindness and wisdom.

Shari has been fortunate and truly thankful to work with some of the most influential people in the music and entertainment industry, such as Renowned SW concert promoter Danny Zelisko, James Kottak & Scorpions, Raven Events, Cheap Trick, Cinemacia, Rockin Apps, David Ellefson of Megadeth/F5, Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche, The Bret Michaels Band, CC DeVille, Kid Rock, music producer Ryan Greene, and numerous management companies & artists, both regional and international.

The creativity doesn’t end when the music stops. She formulates complex designs including custom vector art, innovative logos that rise about the rest, and dynamic photo manipulation that keeps you guessing; is this reality or fantasy?

Passion is the main ingredient in everything Shari creates. She demands the best in herself and others. This is a major determining factor in her creative process. Helping yourself by helping others is a true blessing.